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10:30 am
10:40 am

Driving HR transformation beyond COVID-19

Covid-19 has propelled digital transformation from a competitive advantage to a business necessity, with a greater focus on redesigning HR processes and programs to better support and empower rapidly digitalising organisations.  

  • As we move through recovery, what HR tech lessons have we learned from the rapid transformation experience of COVID-19 
  • Aligning technological capability with HR program strategy  
  • Striking the right balance between tech-driven HR processes and the human touch  
Seema Barooah

Regional Strategic Workforce Planning Head, Asia and Australia, Allianz

11:10 am
11:25 am

PANEL: HR tech strategies for a post-COVID world

This panel will discuss the challenges of managing HR tech projects in the context of budget constraints and rapidly changing business strategies and priorities.  

  • Assessing tech investment in the context of rapidly changing business strategies 
  • Building a compelling business case for investment while budgets are tight 
  • Overcoming the challenges of integrating tech solutions with legacy systems  
  • Combining disparate systems for holistic support of the full employee lifecycle  
  • Demonstrating your return on investment to the executive team  


Sasha Wight

Founder & EX Lead, wrkflow


Kirby Grattan

Director, People Operations, Optus

Graeme Poules

People Director, Employee Experience, Bupa

Tan Sor Cheng

Managing Director, Group Head of HR Technology, Shared Services and Risk, Group Human Resources, DBS Bank

12:10 pm
12:25 pm

CASE STUDY: Transforming learning through virtual reality and augmented reality

The potential of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in the workplace is fast becoming realised as the workforce becomes increasingly more flexible and remote, with immersive and employee-facing technology being used to transform learning and development.  

  • Creating immersive learning environments that aid performance 
  • Using AR / VR to facilitate varied and personalised learning and training   
  • Best practice for AI and VR implementation
  • Measuring the ROI; user experience, development of critical skills, retention and operational cost
Rosalind Tregurtha

Group Director - Employee Experience, Domain


Rhonda Brighton-Hall

CEO, mwah. Making Work Absolutely Human

12:55 pm
1:45 pm

PANEL: Powering your performance management programs for remote workers

With the recent rapid shift to remote work, online performance management has never been so important. In this thought-provoking panel, HR leaders from very different organisations will share their experience in changing the way they measure, evaluate, recognise and learn from employee performance.  

  • Selecting the right technology and mapping performance management objectives against tech solutions  
  • Leveraging technology for check-ins, continuous feedback, goal transparency and rewards  
  • Gleaning insights from performance data to inform talent strategies    


Sasha Wight

Founder & EX Lead, wrkflow


Marcela Mihanovich

HR Director GCB Asia & EMEA, Citi

Jordan O’Connor

Head of Leadership, Team Effectiveness & Performance, Telstra

Joel Rethore

Group Head of Rewards, Performance & People Analytics, Healius

Seemali Shukla

Country HR Leader - Australia & New Zealand, HP

2:45 pm

CASE STUDY: Delivering a personalised employee experience

As the workplace is transformed by advancements in technology, it is vital that employers take measures to improve the employee experience. A one-size-fits-all approach no longer sufficient, and HR professionals are increasingly looking to create personalisedindividualised experiences for their employees. How can you leverage technology to create a competitive experience throughout the employee life cycle? 

  • Mapping the employee experience journey   
  • Leveraging technology to apply scalable personalisation  
  • Developing tech-enabled, people management strategies that support employees as ‘whole people’  
  • Measuring the ROI of improved employee experience; engagement, retention and productivity  
Jennifer Tiffin

Human Resources Director - APAC, Bunzl Australasia

3:45 pm

PANEL: Facilitating change through data-driven insight 

The increasing importance of data in organisations has spun through the business world and landed firmly at HR’s feet. Although many organisations have the data and technology to predict employee needs, the success of use is not consistent. How do you turn data into meaningful insight to enable robust decision-making?  

  • Aligning your HR data strategy with changing business objectives  
  • Gaining a holistic understanding from disparate data sets  
  • Using analytics to drive employee engagement, productivity and workforce planning  
  • Navigating security and privacy constraints whilst leveraging data insight  
  • Assessing the implications of a data-driven workplace


Sasha Wight

Founder & EX Lead, wrkflow


John Chan

Head of People Data & Analytics, QBE Insurance

Isaac Chin

Director, HR Technology & Analytics, Asia Pacific, Marriott International

Dr. Sydney Savion

General Manager, Learning, Air New Zealand

Bartek Sibilski

Head of HR Reporting and Analytics, APAC, JLL

4:30 pm
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