PANEL: Facilitating change through data-driven insight 

3:45 pm

The increasing importance of data in organisations has spun through the business world and landed firmly at HR’s feet. Although many organisations have the data and technology to predict employee needs, the success of use is not consistent. How do you turn data into meaningful insight to enable robust decision-making?  

  • Aligning your HR data strategy with changing business objectives  
  • Gaining a holistic understanding from disparate data sets  
  • Using analytics to drive employee engagement, productivity and workforce planning  
  • Navigating security and privacy constraints whilst leveraging data insight  
  • Assessing the implications of a data-driven workplace
  • Sasha Wight

    Founder & EX Lead


  • Dr John Chan

    Head of People Data & Analytics

    QBE Insurance

  • Isaac Chin

    Director, HR Technology & Analytics, Asia Pacific

    Marriott International

  • Dr. Sydney Savion

    General Manager, Learning

    Air New Zealand

  • Bartek Sibilski

    Head of HR Reporting and Analytics, APAC


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