Tech Talk 2 – Leveraging Technology for Employee Development

Sep 9, 2020

12:10 pm

20 minutes

Developing employees is an essential focus for every organisation with benefits such as reduced turnover, a more engaged workforce and increased efficiencies. Technology plays a crucial part in the success of any employee development program, however, it must be carefully planned and executed to realise these benefits. This session will dive into the learning and development technology landscape, explore some of the drivers for technology innovations and see how technology can lay the foundation for a successful development program.

  • The shift to more employee driven learning solutions
  • How AI is changing the development landscape
  • Where technology is driving improvements in performance as well as skills development
  • How technology can deliver more targeted development solutions
  • Philip Tutty

    Head of SAP Litmos Training Content

    SAP Litmos

  • Claire Lavin

    Product Manager

    SAP Litmos

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